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Apple TV 4k fails handshake to rs 500u while previous Apple 1080 p worked fine.

Is there someone who can recommend a streaming device which can support You Tube and has successfully connected to an RS -500 U .

 I purchased an Apple 4k TV streamer ( version 2 ) because Apple stopped supporting you tube on my original 1080p device. I run the apple 4k in 1080P through my surround processor to my old plasma TV without issue.  The system appears to fail HDMI handshake and will not send video through my Marantz 7702 MK ii to my RS 500 U unless the plasma TV is left turned on to satisfy HDMI handshake requirements. That may or may not work if I try to run the Apple in 4K mode since the TV is only 1080P.  My Marantz 7702 MK II processor  has in the past  proven to be problematic regarding HDMI handshake issues. I am already running HDMI directly from my OPPO 203 player to the second video input on the projector due to similar issues being caused by my surround processor. 

  I am looking for a 4k streamer that can successfully pass video to my RS 500 u without a handshake fixing device being required.  If 4k streamers do not work I would be happy with something else that is 1080p and  can support You Tube. 

I've had both versions of the 4K AppleTV (2017 & 2021 models) in use with my RS500. I'm using an Anthem AVM-60 pre-pro, which I think is a similar vintage as your Marantz (circa 2015?). I've also used Roku & Fire 4K devices. I guess the good thing is these are inexpensive and you could order one via Amazon and return it if it doesn't help. 


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Many times handshake issues can be "resolved" by changing the order in which the components are powered on. If it's an option, maybe experiment a bit.

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