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Crown CTs8200 cheap as fish and chips

Crown CTs8200 cheap as fish and chips
« on: September 03, 2020, 01:30:38 AM »
Hello, there all, some may know me on the avs forum once jblsound.

Changing some of the amplifiers in the rack from Behringer EPQ304 to Crown CTs8200 (discontinued) and remote software still connects via ethernet connected to the router.

Come across these Crown CTs8200 8 channel, thou 8channel or even more isn't uncommon now.
The seller has or can get lots more of them and thou I have my first one I ordered a 2nd one before I had the 1st installed into the lower part of the rack due to the weight 36ilbs 6oz which I could barely lift as I fear most of "us" been hit with covid-19 and I been feeling lightheaded but holding in there strong.

Took few days or so to install the CTs8200. One was the connector inputs no XLR or db25 connector just phoenix 3-way and have some ordered but I manged to crimp on some connector pins to balanced leads and connect to the inputs.

Outputs for speakers I used spades crimped to the cables and screwed on the terminal outputs.
NOISE of the fans. Since all the amplifiers are racked up in my kitchen I can't hear them that much most Behringer NX/Inuke have new fans fitted that are sound-frequency dB, lot quieter than the pc computer by small dB margin.
The CTs8200 fans are quiet that is if they are not placed in a home cinema, home THX cinema, they are quiet when placed elsewhere.

I may get a 3rd CTs8200 since they are cheap and in good condition. The downside is just very heavy! Crown has slimmer 1U frame CT8150 8ch 150w but its too expensive and the Behringer EPQ304 cheaper for 4ch but no 8ch models yet the fans would need changing so its Question of trade-offs. The CTs8200 okay its a heavy amp but has software on it that the EPQ304 won't have unless ran with a few DCX2496, or other DSP crossover management. 

Wight is a trade-off some may not like struggling with a heavy amplifier or its ridiculous price.
At under 200 for the CTs8200 I think I scored a bargain and thou discontinued, what? Over a few years ago ain't all that bad.

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Re: Crown CTs8200 cheap as fish and chips
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2020, 04:40:28 AM »
Crown CTs8200 fitted at bottom of rack.
i like cats . i don't like people who don't

Re: Crown CTs8200 cheap as fish and chips
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2020, 07:08:30 AM »
2nd Crown CTs8200 arrived this morning in different wrapping to the first one still good wrapping.
Rack is full! I have to shift some of the equipment up many U frames and put most of the Behringer NX/inuke coupled together to get at least 3U frame which is what the CTs8200 is.

Tested and turns on. Not sure if I can install it today as its at least few hours moving equipment in the rack carefully and then undoing the x9 nine JBL 8330A Overhead surrounds wiring and re-plugging XLR to removing the XLR and fitted different connectors for the balanced output.

58 amplifiers at around 25kw THX sound system.

i like cats . i don't like people who don't

Re: Crown CTs8200 cheap as fish and chips
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2021, 11:15:33 PM »
hello does he have any crown cts 8200 still for sale ? could you give me the web site ? thank you

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