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HELP!!/opinions needed from jvc owners/experts should i buy used jvc rs25/35???


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I've seen the latest gen JVCs. The OP was talking about cheaper used models though so I assumed they weren't an option.

Either way, doubling the brightness doesn't exactly make the new JVCs bright. It just brings them more inline with their competition. I still wouldn't choose one for a living room. That doubly applies when there isn't enough in the budget for a decent ALR screen.

Your average sub 2000 (usable) lumens HT projector is not bright enough to do a great job as a tv replacement in a room with the lights on IMO. It will limit screen size and reduce the usable viewing cone of an ALR screen.

I'm not criticizing JVC specifically. I'm mostly a fan and credit them with driving some innovation in this market. There's just a right tool for the job thing. A great home theater projector can easily become a sub-par living room device.

I spent a lot of time testing projectors when I was in the ALR screen business. To get semi decent results with the lights on requires the darkest screen material possible and a projector with enough brightness to make that tolerable. 

You're not going to see any of those famous JVC blacks without darkness. Just the color of the screen material.

So, as I said, you need to know how a projector will be used, details about the room and lighting etc before being able to make a recommendation. It's not just lighting either. Using it for gaming changes things. As does the position of windows and available space etc.
The Epson 5050/6050 is slightly brighter when calibrated to a de of 3 or less. At the price points of the JVC's there is nothing else out there that has decent contrast that is brighter. Doubling the brightness of the current JVC would give you 3,200 to 3,400 calibrated lumens. What under 20k projector can do that?
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