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A Non Spoiler Review of Avengers III


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A Non Spoiler Review of Avengers III
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:41:38 PM »
 A Non Spoiler Review of Avengers III
A non spoiler to me a revealing nothing more than in the coming attractions and such. For example, if you are following these movies, you know that Part II of this movie is coming out next year and Thanos in the Villain.
I first saw the movie in IMAX 3D and it was worth it.  The images were spectacular and the sound very good. The music was so so. For a regular movie I give this 3 out of four stars, but for movie/Marvel fans like me I give it 3.5.  The 4k disc mimics the movie experience, great picture and sound.
The story is how Thanos, (Created in Iron Man #55 by Jim Starlin) goes after the “Infinity Stones.”  These are six powerful stones that can control the universe. They were first featured in the first Captain America movie (The Tesseract); The Dr. Strange Movie, Thor and was the reason Thanos “hired Loki” in the first Avengers movie.
The problem in both the actual comics and movies, featuring groups like the JLA and the Avengers is that you have to quickly create a villain powerful enough to threaten the entire group. Unlike the JLA movie, Thanos had been slowly introduced in many of the Marvel movie. Thanos here is a strong enough menace. Although Thanos is CGI the acting of Josh Brolin is, frankly outstanding. His face shows the emotions of his thoughts.
Everyone who had been an Avenger is here, except for Hawkeye and Ant-Man.  And there are surprise guest shots too.  The action and special effects are almost non-stop. Very clearly done, the Avengers do not fight him all together, so Thanos has many conflicts with different groups. The Guardians of the Galaxy have a major role in the movie (remember that Gamora is Thano’s adopted daughter) and they pair off with different Avengers too!  Dr. Strange and Spider-Man (both co-created by Steve Ditko) have major parts in the movie, although, technically, they were not Avengers.
It is an exhausting 2.5 hours, and stay for the final scene at the end of the credits.  Remember to pick up your brain which you should have checked at the concession stand before seeing this movie.  Very important to me, is that Marvel created an illogical movie universe, but they stay in it, unlike DC.  Marvel follows their own logic.

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Re: A Non Spoiler Review of Avengers III
« Reply #1 on: April 01, 2019, 11:29:07 AM »
Thanks for the review Barry. I enjoyed the Avengers movie and I am looking forward to the next one, which will be released soon. :)
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Re: A Non Spoiler Review of Avengers III
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2019, 12:09:12 PM »
Oddly enough, I just watched Avengers - Infinity War last night. Yes, I know I am way behind on my movie watching.

I'm not sure what the next one brings but it could have been ended in the first one. Dr. Strange could have simply used the same time loop trick that he used against Dormammu. After all, he said he did see one outcome where Thanos was defeated and also made the comment that it (handing over the time stone) had to be done.

Of course, that would make for no dead Avengers, no cliffhanger and no subsequent sequels that we all must see in theaters and own on Blu-ray.

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