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« on: January 05, 2019, 08:38:23 AM »
I built my first "multi-media" room in ~1984 (Mitsubishi TV, surround processor, laser disc player). In 1991, I visited an audio store in Beverly Hills, saw my first "real" home theater, and went home and replicated it: (Sony 1251 projector, Snell THX speakers, Frox surround/video processor, two Velodyne subs). 

And it hasn't stopped.

I am hopeful that this newer forum will blossom and be very successful.

Our current theater (The Oconee Theater)

VIDEO EQUIPMENT: JVC RS4500 Laser Projector w/Panamorph Paladin Lens; Screen Masking System by Carada; Seymour Acoustically Transparent 2:35 120 x 51 inch screen (~1.0 Gain - XD Material);

SPEAKERS: Room is setup as a 9.2.6 theater. LCRs: Triad Platinum LCR's; Surrounds: (4) Triad Silver In-Room Monitors; Wides: (2) Triad In-Ceiling Silver Monitors; SUBS: 8 Seaton F18 subs (2 Masters and 6 Slaves driven by 4000 watt amp in each Master -- 2 in each of the front two corners) and (4) Seaton F18's located along the rear wall; ; 3D Audio ceiling speakers: (6) RSL C34E's

ELECTRONICS: Trinnov Altitude16 Surround Processor; Pure Power APS 2000 Power Conditioner; Two ATI - AT54XNC Amplifiers - 1 Seven Channel and 1 Eight Channel; MiniDSP Open DRC-AN

SOURCES: Synology NAS DS1817+ (32TB/~22TB Usable); Dune HD Pro 4K for viewing ripped movies. Apple TV 4K = access to Netflix and Amazon TV and others; Dish Network 4K DVR; Oppo 203 4K Blu Ray Player; SGC (Small Green Computer) sonicTransporter i5 CDR for running Roon Core for music playback (ripped files and Tidal) and collection management

ACOUSTIC TREATMENT: Room design and all acoustic treatment by GIK. First reflections point: GIK q7D diffusors (2 per side) - Covered by cosmetic beveled panels from Acoustimac; Front wall:all absorption; rear side walls: GIK Monster Bass Traps with Scatter Plates (3 per side); Rear wall: (3) GIK q7D's with (2) GIK Monster Bass Traps with Scatter Plates; Left rear corner: GIK Soffit Traps; Front corners: Custom corner traps; Soffit: DIY soffits traps; Ceiling Cloud: GIK 244 Bass Traps (3);

MISCELLANEOUS: Theater chairs by Berkline; BlueJeans XLR Cables, HDMI Cables and Speaker Wire; Middle Atlantic Equipment Rack; Control4 System Controller; Lighting: All 5000K LED Bulbs; iRobot Roomba 960;

ROOM CALIBRATION: Video calibrated by ChadB. Initial Audio Calibration by Adam Pelz
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Re: Hi
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Sounds like a awesome theater with top notch equipment. 
Any pictures to go along with your description?


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Re: Hi
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Yes, photos are always good !
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