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Epson 6020UB and Screen Innovations 110" 16x9 Black Diamond Screen

I’m the original owner of an Epson 6020UB projector, purchased factory new from an authorized dealer in 2013. Good out of the box, but an ISF calibration by Jeff Meier / Accucal (+/- $500) turned a good image into a great one. This projector has a new OEM Epson lamp with less than 50 hours of current run time. Also included will be a backup OEM Epson lamp (the original) with a total of 1700 hours run time on it. Total run time on this projector is less than 1750 hours, and the expected service life of each OEM lamp is 4000 hours, per Epson.

Also included will be the Epson remote control, of course, plus seven pairs of 3D glasses – 4 pairs of OEM Epson glasses, and 3 additional pairs from ValueView. I see no variation in 3D performance between these glasses, but some may prefer the “fit” of one versus the other. The ValueView glasses are physically lighter on the nose.

I am selling all of the above paired together with a 110" Screen Innovations Black Diamond 1.4 gain screen (16.9 beveled black velvet fixed frame, along with the Screen Innovations hanging clips), also purchased factory new from an authorized dealer in 2013. Between the light output of this projector and the gain of this screen, this pairing would be appropriate for most rooms, including those with limited light control.

All items have been in a low dust, low humidity environment with nobody operating the equipment at any time except the original owner. (My wife operates me, but I operate the equipment.)  Everything has worked flawlessly since Day One.  There is not a nick, bump or scratch on anything.  I’m totally conflicted about selling this set-up since the image and 3D performance are excellent, but this Epson 6020UB is a 1080p projector and I'm tempted to take a leap into the unknown (for me) of 4K.

Total price for all of the above is $1,599 OBO. I will include a Pioneer VSX-918V AVR (120 watts per channel) at no additional cost at this price. I prefer a local buyer in the Houston area since packing all of this for shipping would be a nightmare. All items are intended for sale as a group. Sale requires final approval by seller.
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