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Rating Content Providers: Picture, Sound Quality

Rating Content Providers: Picture, Sound Quality
« on: January 18, 2017, 08:25:05 AM »
Suggestion for Sound & Vision and others reporting on the industry: include picture and sound quality of content providers in your coverage. Garbage in, garbage out, I believe, applies to AV, too.  The best new UHD TV doesn't perform well when connected to, for example, low-resolution, low-bit-rate broadcasts from your cable provider.

A key example, to my thinking, is Comcast, which recently downgraded its broadcasts even further (all 1080i channels, except a few local channels, are now 720p at relatively low bit rates). I'm not an AV scientist, but my eyes aren't lying to me: PQ on Comcast is very noticeably degraded - and it wasn't good to begin. Users with 4K TVs are impacted the most, according to forum posts. Seems to me that TV manufacturers and many content providers, like Comcast, aren't on the same page.

I'd would appreciate seeing picture and sound quality covered in stories about streaming services, too - including resolution, bit rates, sound format, etc. This, to my amazement, is often not mentioned and hard to find. Do DirecTV Now and similar services provide 1080p and Dolby sound? How about a round-up article that compares and contrasts these services not just by available content, but the quality of delivery?

Thanks for considering this!

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