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Young Sheldon: The Complete Second Season (DVD) review

Young Sheldon: The Complete Second Season (DVD) review
« on: September 11, 2019, 07:40:12 PM »

For 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper it isn’t easy growing up in East Texas. Being a once-in-a generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science isn’t always helpful to land where church and football are king. And wile the vulnerable, gifted and somewhat naïve Sheldon deals with the world, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him.

 My Thoughts
In its second season, Young Sheldon garnered an average of 15 million Total Viewers per episode, making the show a top-rated broadcast hit and the number two series on CBS, second only to its predecessor, The Big Bang Theory. In fact, the show is much more consistently funny versus TBBT in its latter years.

What makes this show work so well is its cast, which is absolutely perfect. Ian Armitage, who stars as Sheldon, is a fabulous young actor who has made the character his own over the first two seasons. Annie Potts is amazing as Meemaw and casting Laurie Metcalf’s daughter in real life, Zoe Perry, to play Sheldon’s mom was a brilliant casting move. Not only does she nail her mannerisms and voice inflections, she’s a fine actress in her own right.

The rest of the cast rounds out nicely with his twin sister Missy (Raegan Revord), who is a scene stealer. If I have a knock on the show, it’s that Missy isn’t used enough—then again, the show isn’t Young Missy! Lance Barber is great as his dad and his older brother is a hoot and is played by Montana Jordan.

I remember going into Season One with some trepidation, but as it headed into its second season I was hooked. In fact, it’s my favorite show on TV and I can’t wait for Season 3 to hit the airwaves later this month. Throughout its 22-episode run in Season 2, you’ll find yourself laughing and maybe even crying on occasion, as this show is so touching and sweet. Also, if you’re a fan of TBBT, you’ll find some nice tie-ins to its predecessor, especially the final episode of Season 2 which tips its hat to the phenomenal 12 year run of the show that spawned this spinoff.

 Video 4/5 (MPEG-2)

Audio 3.5/5 (Dolby Digital)

 Special Features:

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This is only the second DVD I’ve reviewed since 2006—the first was Season One! Unfortunately, there’s no Blu-ray release of the show although it may be available via Amazon and Warner’s print on demand service. Regardless, this is a great show and the only one I have my DVR recording on a weekly basis for this year’s TV schedule. Highly recommended.     
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