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The crazy priced AudioQuest spoof reviews. (1 meter HDMI == $1299, etc.)

AudioQuest, 1 meter, HDMI, ........$1299.  Yep.

Well, when I first checked in on these ridiculously priced cables, they were a bargain at $1099.  I missed my chance.


The price?  Nuts.  But the reviews are priceless.
Avoid Wikipedia.


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Those reviews are hysterical !
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I've been off and on looking for my favorite one, but I honestly can't remember if it was on Amazon or Best Buy (AudioQuest is getting big time made fun on in both places).

And I did see many that were similar.  But the words were to this effect:

"I got this cable so that I could brag to my neighbor.  I seemed to make the salesman's day.  When I brought it home and showed it to my neighbor, I seemed to make his day too."

And another one that has some variations by others went like this:

"I'm getting 0's, 1's, and even some 2's and 3's...."

There are a myriad of different ones.

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Avoid Wikipedia.

Those are very funny reviews. Great creative writing. 
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Sometimes it's all about the delivery.

From the 2m $1800 one:

Avoid Wikipedia.


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Hey, you know that cable manufacturers have to eat too. ;)

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