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Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Season One (Blu-ray) review

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Season One (Blu-ray) review
« on: May 26, 2019, 03:16:47 PM »

Studio: Paramount / Amazon
Release Date: June 4, 2019
Rating: Not Rated
Film: 4.5/5

When CIA analyst Jack Ryan stumbles upon a suspicious series of bank transfers his search for answers pulls him from the safety of his desk job and catapults him into a deadly game of cat and mouse throughout Europe and the Middle East, with a rising terrorist figurehead preparing for a massive attack against the U.S. and her allies.

My Thoughts
I’m glad to see that shows from Amazon and Netflix are coming out on Blu-ray so people who don’t stream—or can’t due to bandwidth issues—can still watch quality shows. I’ve been a fan of Tom Clancy’s work since I was a teenager when I read “The Hunt for Red October.” It took a few years for the books to be adapted into movies and they’ve pretty much been hit or miss. One of the reasons for this is the books are constructed to get deep into character development and complex plot lines and there just isn’t enough time in a two-hour movie to give the books justice.

Needless to say, I was psyched to see that a show on Jack Ryan was coming to Amazon streaming and ended up watching it the first week it was available. For the most part, it’s a solid effort that takes elements from various books but is really an original work. In fact, the previous movies aren’t part of the cannon—this is the first entry in a multi-season effort exploring the character with original stories that will span an entire season. I like this approach because the books were written for certain times in history, such as the Cold War, post Gulf War, etc., and to translate them to today would be too difficult.

The A/V quality is excellent and while the Amazon Prime stream is in UHD, I’ll still take regular Blu-ray over UHD streaming because the bandwidth bottlenecks cause banding while streaming that’s completely gone on the Blu-ray. It’s great that the show features an Atmos track, which shows that Amazon and Paramount want to present the show in the best way possible.

Video 4.5/5

Audio 4.5/5 (Dolby Atmos)

Special Features:

  • Deleted Scenes

The eight-episode first season is a slow burn where we get introduced to Jack and see he’s essentially a low-level CIA analyst who unwittingly gets pulled into field duty. His background as a marine helps him adapt quickly, but I like how they make him “human” and not the reincarnation of Jason Bourne. If you’re a fan of the franchise and don’t have Amazon Prime, this is a great way to watch the show. Definitely check this show out.

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Re: Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan: Season One (Blu-ray) review
« Reply #1 on: May 27, 2019, 02:42:46 PM »
My wife and I really enjoyed Jack Ryan and can't wait to watch Season Two. It's an easy show to binge watch if you have Amazon Prime. 

Thanks for the review, David.

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