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Man on a Ledge (UHD Blu-ray) review

Man on a Ledge (UHD Blu-ray) review
« on: March 26, 2019, 03:25:09 PM »

Ex-cop Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) escapes from prison to plan the ultimate heist; steal a $40 million diamond from cutthroat businessman David Englander (Ed Harris), and in the process prove his own innocence. From the ledge of the famous Roosevelt Hotel with the whole world watching, Cassidy plays a clever game of cat and mouse with the NYPD while his dutiful brother Joey (Jamie Bell) races against the clock to extract the diamond and clear his brother’s name.

My Thoughts
This is one of those check your brains at the door type of movies that’s exciting while you watch it—as long as you can suspend your belief—but mostly forgettable once it’s over. Throughout the entire movie I could have sworn I had seen it once before, but when I checked my files, it wasn’t something I had reviewed previously. Regardless, it looked very familiar and sure enough, I had originally seen it about 8 years ago when it was released on Blu-ray. Granted, when you see as many films as I do in a year it’s hard to remember them all.
The story is captivating, although very far-fetched. I really liked all of the stars and thought they did a good job with the material, particularly Worthington, Bell, and Elizabeth Banks. It was also nice to see Anthony Mackie in a role outside of the Avengers universe.

Video 9/10

Audio 10/10 (Dolby Atmos)

Special Features:

  • The Ledge Featurette
  • Trailer with Commentary by Elizabeth Banks
  • Blu-ray + Digital Copy

While not a great film, it is a lot of fun and it was nice to revisit it after 8 years. The Atmos track is outstanding and does a great job of placing you into the movie, especially while Worthington is out on the ledge. For this reason alone its worth checking it out. 

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