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My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room

My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« on: February 13, 2019, 04:31:02 PM »
So if you like the wood paneling look from the past (YUK) you would love my room!
I am currently sloooooowly trying to turn my family room (former garage converted into a family room) into a multi use tv/theater room . it opens up into kitchen/diningroom.  You go up a few steps (about 2 feet higher )into the  kitchen/diningroom. There is also a half wall dividing kitchen/diningroom from family room.
The room is :19ft Length x13.5ft wide x 8.5' height.
I say slowly because im a HORRIBLE procrastinator #1 and #2 i was going to move and figured id wait to get new house and dedicated room i could have blank slate to work with.
But.. life happens and im still not moved and who knows when i will so i will started to remodel a little.
Also the wife has a lot "stuff"in there and im hoping if i slowly move all my wifes stuff pictures, plants ,decorations out of the room into other rooms so she wont notice and complain too much :-X . Not that she would say i Cant i just i don't want to hear any complaining. plus she loves watching movies on big screen anyways so its a win win.

I just installed a new super thick carpet/pad  over the summer which helped sound/ and also warmed up floor and whole room in winter since that room is on a cement slab.I also replaced sectional couch  with a power reclining one . Unfortunately (from previous owner) when they made garage into family room, They covered old drywall with "Super Modern AWESOME" wood paneling on the walls over the drywall. I saw the drywall behind one pieces and its original drywall from 1952 and not in good shape and seems like too much work to rip all down and redo so I may just end up installing dry wall over the paneling.Not sure yet. Any Thoughts on that?? The room has no rooms above or below it since it was formerly the garage, so it usually doesnt disturb anyone sleeping upstairs.
I just bought some custom blackout blinds for the 3 windows in the room. I will remove the ceiling fan and install some inceiling lights  throught room since only light comes from lamp and ceiling fan light and you cant see anything when you actually want to. The plan is to paint the ceiling either grey or black and also use some combo of black paint/black velvet on some walls and different areas to cut down on any reflections from projector.

I will post some pictures of the ugliness  shortly..

Re: My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 04:50:23 PM »

My Current Audio setup is 5.3   I eventually will add atmos and go to 5.2.6 setup soon i hope once i figure out how to run wiring without damaging the ceiling. The last time i had a ceiling fan installed and electrcian crawled across the joist to run the wiring it cracked a section of drywall. I will have to get creative or send my 7 year old in there to crawl around since  he only weighs 60lbs  . I bet If i offered to get him a Spiderman or Hulk costume he'd probably volunteer to do it so we'll see... ;) .
The screen currently drops down directly in front of my wall mounted lg lcd and media center

My Current Gear:(subject to change any minute)
Receiver: Denon 4400H
Amp: Emotiva XPA-3 Gen.2
Front L/R Speakers: RSL CG23
Center Speaker: Fusion Alchemy Center speaker(diysoundgroup)
Surround Speakers: Goldenear Aeon 3's
Subs: 2 Monolith 12's  and
a Monolith 15( and a tweeked back from lifting Monolith 15 :'( )
Bluray Player: Panasonic UDP820
Gaming: Sony PS3& PS4 & Nintendo Wii U,
Streaming: 4k roku stick
Tv: Lg 65" lcd
Projector : Jvc x590
Screen: Grandscreen Electric Tensioned 110" 16x9 1.0 Gain White screen

Recent Upgrades added This week:
found a local used Monolith 15 (For 725$!!!)
used Umik1 mic and Minidsp 2x4

Future upgrades Hopefully sooner than later:
Denon 8500
6 RSl c34e atmos speakers
2 - Elusive 1099 diy speakers to replace front Left/Right speakers

I haven't had time to eq the room yet( In-laws Visiting and still here due to storm !! >:( )

Although i did manage to scare the S**t out of my kids/wife last night running some initial rew sweeps in my room to see what i was working with in my room, Which i sadly admit i found hilarious(But They did not...  oops :-X )
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Re: My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2019, 10:20:34 PM »

 So to anyone that actually knows me this wouldn't be a surprise ...but to those that dont , In my  gear list for my build thread I just started today  i said subject to change any minute . I wasnt joking.   Even though i just listed my gear earlier, I just sold my 2 monolith 12s  :'(  even though  I love them  and  and told the wife..  you will have to  pry them outta my cold dead hands  before i let them go >:(  I  changed my mind. I am letting them go and will pass on the joy to someone else. I wound up speaking to someone on the other forum (the one with all the cranky ppl) about monolith subs and 1 thing led to another and i said id sell them both to him at discount since used couple months . Sooo Im Meeting someone  a few hrs away tomorrow to share the  monolith sub  joy.  I've actually bought  4 monolith 12's in past 6 months and 1 monolith 15. But now I will be down to just the single 15.  Anyone Thats heard the monoliths ,or at least imo, they just have a different sound to  them then  other subs and I like it. Not to mention they are built like tanks and heavy as s@*t. But I enjoy helping others out with their passion for audio/video and  someone else can enjoy them now  even though i said i wasnt going to sell them (Maybe im just a lil loopy still from pain pills after unloading the 15 sunday).I also gave 1 of my monolith 12s  to  a good friend of mine in tenesee when he  was visiting and he went from a  low end def tech supercube to that. And now hes hooked ..and hes TRYING convince me to sell him my 15 (not happening). But at least this will  free up lil cash to put towards something else that I want( but  really don't need) as the wife says
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Re: My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2019, 11:25:16 AM »
I need to see a photo of the 1970's wood paneling !  ;D
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Re: My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2019, 12:08:24 PM »
its coming i promise! im going on lunch to grab my monolith boxes to start packing the 12's up for the trip. so.. Gotta go eat my wheaties first. if gonna be able to lug them in back of my suv.
mike/craig At some point i will make it to your guys store and maybe and  get see the new jvc lineup and spend money on some wonderful electronics! ::)  I know your working remotely in Cali Craig, but i myself  am only an hour and 20 minute drive from rochester store. Its hard with 2 little kids getting out of the house and not to mention i'm scared once i go there i will be coming home with my suv filled full of gear. I tend to get on a roll with trying out and buying new stuff and cant stop! I have no willpower with electronics. I have owned 9 different receivers in the past 8 months alone... So i have been resisiting driving out there ( don't want to end up sleeping on couch) 
But soon enough i will make the trip -btw are you guys a goldenear dealer??

Re: My Sweet 1970's Wood Paneling Room
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2019, 12:29:28 PM »
Ok Craig here you go here is just a small sample of the paneling glory from the room. This was right after i had  installed the new carpet.

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