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Wondering if all or any build in protection from power outage or elec. spikes?


I have been thinking about putting all my outlets that are in my media room on a battery backup system that would include a line regulator for spikes.

This may seem overly protective but with adding new and more expensive gear year after year, I am thinking if the worst storm ever came I could still be watching and enjoying movies.

I am looking at getting 6 deep cycle batteries, ac - dc inverter, and a smart battery charger. I am still trying to figure out the size of the invertor along with how long the charge would hold if all power is out.

What do other do if any?


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nada for me
SadieMax 2,0 Build thread

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See list below ........

Up-Dated December 2018

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Blu-Ray Player: Panasonic UB820 4K Blu-ray player
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I have protection for surges, but not power outages.
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I do have two 1500 watt battery backup's (these do have line regulators) running now, which does offer about 30 minutes with a complete power outage. Looking at the 12 v deep cycle batteries at least 4 hour outage. Since moving to this location have had numerous outages with the longest 2 hours. Just want my equipment and fridge to work if in the dark. I  mean what else to do besides watch a movie and have a drink. :) 


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Panamax MB1500 Back up Power Unit for JVC RS4500 - I have one of these just like Terry ( they make a newer one ). I got it when I bought my SIM2 Lumis Host, since Sim wanted $ 950.00 for the lamp, and we do have occasional power outages here. It's worked great for 7 + years. It's one heavy beast though. Bottom shelf of the equipment rack only !
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