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JVC Autocal Software V12 calibration for 2019 RS1000/RS2000/RS3000/NX5/NX7/NX9


Autocal does 33-pt gamma calibration, whereas the manual gamma calibration only provides 12 points. I was referring to checking the results of Autocal using HCFR etc.
Next step ..... will do a greyscale sweep and see how it looks like 8)

Hello guys!
I will be getting an RS540 next week. I read someone here that says he used V11 with the RWS540 but from JVC page it seems V10 is the highest compatible with the 540. 
Has anyone used a newer version?


JVC Autocal versions unlike firmwares are not newer or older, they are only projector and sensor related.
For your RS540 there's only one version : V10 + sensors I1 Pro2 or Spyder 5

Has anyone tried this to use the i1 display pro?
Or too risky?
It works very well, but the author has withdrawn it due to potential copyright issues.

I know this is not for the version I am running, but can someone give me an idea of how my results are so far and how to interpret them better so I can tell when I am actually getting better results? :)

I am attaching results (USER 5) with REC2020 and also the displaycal 3DLut.
Then the 2nd (user 3) set is for a custom profile from "MANNI" 2020NF.

I think this is how I am going to leave it as I believe I got pretty good results without the filter so I can get more light to keep my desired screen size.
This is with HDR color profile and -4 so I can get more seamless Auto Iris and hopefully prolong its life vs going from wide open aperture.

Closing the iris does not prolong the lamp life.  If anything, more heat will be "trapped" in the projector.
I was not talking about the lamp life. I am referring to the reported issues with Auto Iris going bad. I would think going from -4 instead of 0 makes it work less hard plus it less noticeable when the light level drops.

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