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Phantom Thread 4K Blu-ray


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Phantom Thread 4K Blu-ray
« on: July 23, 2018, 09:50:38 AM »
Picture 9 /10
Sound 9 /10
Movie 9.5 /10

I've watched Phantom Thread twice now in a week - once with friends, once with my wife. I implore you to not read any spoilers - the less you know, the better. Just read the description on the Blu-ray case !

The performances in this film are amazing - Daniel Day Lewis once again becomes the character he's playing. The score is excellent too, and the soundtrack sounds quite good.

The picture quality is interesting. It is very detailed, and color looks excellent. It's not super sharp like some modern 4K Blu - rays, as it's shot / edited to look the part of a 1954 story. Some scenes look soft / hazy, but it's an artistic choice, to fit the time frame, and at times have a dream like quality.

All in all, I loved that this story was not what I expected. What I thought was an art film / romantic character study morphed into a twisted horror story / freak show. I love it ! Recommended if you like films that are different and take their time to tell their tale !   
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