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Custom High Output Mid Bass LCR Towers- Custom Eminence 12s and BMS Coax- 142db!

Hey all. I’ve been banned for life from The legacy AVS Forum for creating a new user profile when I was victim of a hack in a very sensitive career profession and was told to create all new user accounts for everything. So, I’m bringing my build to tell the story here! This project began over a year ago and was put on hold for the summer. I’m finally ready to load the cabs and begin testing, what I like to call the 412MBT (mid Bass Tower).

This is a design using the Custom Eminence Magnum 12 designed my Matt Grant and Erich from DIYSG. It’s one of the most amazing drivers I’ve come across. There are 4 of these in each cab ported and tuned for 42Hz! 500 Watts per driver brings each to XMax by design and port velocity of 19m/s. Sensitivity at 1.4v/1 m is 106db for the 12s at 2 ohm total load.

The BMS is behind a 18Sounds XT1464 15x12 Horn. It’s an amazing combination. It will be crossed from 350-450 Hz depending on what I get for distortion below 500hz because of the older 4594 design (new HE doesn’t have this issue with a new phase plug and increased driver diaphragm distances).

The box will be an active DSP processed unit using a Driverack Venue 360 initially and perhaps moving to MiniDSP 2x4 HD later.
Pics coming next...
JVC RS, JTR, High Perf DIY

Some pics.
JVC RS, JTR, High Perf DIY

More pics
JVC RS, JTR, High Perf DIY


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Those will be some serious HT speakers. Looking forward to your impressions once you have these finished and tuned in. :) I also like and use big DIY speakers.
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I'm impressed by you guys that build your own speakers !  :)
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