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4K UltraHD Blu-ray / Re: New Pioneer 4K Blu-ray player
« Last post by AVSCraig on Today at 07:39:44 AM »
Premium Projectors / Re: BenQ LK990 First Impressions
« Last post by AVSMike on Today at 07:21:10 AM »
The 970 nor 990 can't do DCI P3 within the BT2020 container. So you are having to remap to what it can do, which is a little less than Rec709. So you need a good method to remap BT2020 to Rec709. So it looks to me your choices are settings that you would have to constantly tweak per title or use an outboard source, like the Panasonic, MadVR or Lumagen. 
One more question please.
OOTB, should I run on low or high lamp mode? Or a mixture.
17' throw, 134" Carada BW 16x9, all lights out.
4K UltraHD Blu-ray / Re: New Pioneer 4K Blu-ray player
« Last post by Tom899 on Today at 04:19:16 AM »
I have a Pioneer Elite UDP-LX500. I had a hard time deciding between this and the Panasonic 9000. The LX500 reminds me of an Oppo, which I had three. I like SACD and this tipped the scale towards the LX500. I just hope they keep up with the updates.
You're welcome. I added a bit about the eecolor/darbee as well.
Thanks. I'd like to try and not use them, hopefully it looks good and I won't need to.
Thanks! Great information!
You're welcome. I added a bit about the eecolor/darbee as well.
Thanks! Great information!
I hope you enjoy your rs1000 when it gets there, unharmed!

You won't need the Darbee or the eecolor if you use madVR. Otherwise, you can always keep them in a separate chain, using a HD Fury splitter (or two outputs in your AVR) to send 4K and 3D 1080p content directly to input 1 of the JVC and 2D 1080p content to input 2, going through the Darbee and eecolor. Most probably won't be needed though, the RS1000 should be close to reference after an autocal.

The S5 Elite is the same meter as the S5 Pro (exactly). The only difference are features in the Datacolor software (which we don't use).

It's not exactly the same meter as the S5 Express, because it has an environment mode, which the Express doesn't have (a physical diode is missing on the Express that's needed to support this). We don't use this either with the Autocal, at least in a dedicated room, but it is supported by the JVC Autocal and some seem to use this feature, especially if they have some ambient light in the room, or non-treated walls/ceiling.

So you've not entirely wasted your money buying the Elite over the Express. You have wasted it if the Pro was cheaper though :)

By the way, there is no quality/binning between the different versions. I tried many S4 and S5, some Elite units were far worse than some Express ones. It's a bit of a lottery irrespective of the model, but overall they are not that bad.

Enjoy your new toy(s)!
Premium Projectors / Re: SpectraCal C6 HDR spectroradiometer
« Last post by Tom899 on Today at 03:14:44 AM »
Hi Tom,

No, the C6 is an i1display3, nothing to do with the i1pro2. Unfortunately it won’t be supported by the JVC Autocal, but you can use it to finetune a calibration with Calman, either instead or after using the Spyder for color.

You can always try the Spyder for color, check the calibration with the C6 and Calman, and see what you get comparing with the before cal state. The Spyder should improve things, and if it doesn’t go back to before the autocal and use the C6 manually.

The new JVC are very close OOTB re color with the correct profile, so a Spyder to correct gamma droop over time is the most important.
Thanks Manni, appreciate the information!
The RS1000 is coming today, and a Chief Projector Mount RPA 281 including SLB281, tomorrow.
As soon as I get it today, I'll temporarily set it up on a table and power it up to make sure it works, and to verify it survived shipping.
For the last 4 years I've been using a Sony VPLHW40ES with an eeColor 3D LUT box and Darbee in the chain. I'm pretty sure I'll remove both of those devices as they don't pass 4K. I used the C6 with ColourSpace CMS for the Sony 40ES, and I had it dialed in pretty good, thanks to Ted Aspiotis's help. I'm hoping the RS1000 upgrade will be a noticeable difference, even OOTB.
I'm looking forward to using AutoCal after a few weeks, at least for Gamma. I was going to get the Express version of the Spyder 5 as suggested, but found the Elite version on sale for just a few dollars more. I understand they are all the same meter but couldn't pass up the deal.
Thanks for your help.

Premium Projectors / Re: BenQ LK990 First Impressions
« Last post by HarperVision on Yesterday at 11:49:43 PM »
Dave, it doesn't matter whether or not a display accepts an HDR image because what you're doing can be done on any display that has a decent set of image controls. Trust me when I say, those of us who've argued with you on this topic know exactly what you're trying to accomplish. It has nothing to do with us misunderstanding you. Manipulating gamma like you're trying to do on these BenQ models isn't anything new. We did just that with the older JVC models. We've all been through this before.

So now that we have that out of the way, can you please provide some actual data to back your claims up or are we just going to argue over the semantics of us understanding one another?

Yes, I know that Dylan. That’s why I’m the one saying they’re not “magic settings”, but everyone is making it out like this is some huge mystical deal. :-\

If you understood, then why would you post this?:

What is the point in you giving us your settings if you need to do an additional calibration? Why not just tell us what we should be targeting for calibration instead? You could tell us that, then we could provide calibration results showing you that we achieved your targets and then we can tell you what we think of the image. Wouldn't that make more sense?

It’s NOT a calibration Dylan, I’ve said this a million times!  They’re just base settings to get you started so the HDR image coming into the non-HDR projector is much closer to looking correct!

It’s not just gamma manipulation either. You have to adjust much more than just gamma when you input an HDR signal into an input that’s expecting and can only support SDR.

What older JVCs are you talking about?  The initial HDR capable ones with gamma D or older than that?  I know about the gamma D ones and did that myself too. I had the RS600.  That’s when I started doing this type of thing, with the Epson LS10000 and 5040UB when it’s HDR was super dim. I know it’s nothing new, but what I don’t understand is all the pushback?  Who cares if I do this?  It doesn’t hurt you or anyone else that doesn’t want to do it in the least. The difference was, those JVCs supported HDR. The LK970 doesn’t, so the projector’s reaction is very different. You have to force it to accept HDR first, then apply the extreme settings that I share, THEN calibrate.

If you and everyone really knew what I was doing and what I’m saying, then there wouldn’t have been this much confusion and confrontation and accusations that I’m “just a clown”. 

Now that that’s out of the way, maybe you all can start asking real questions and listening and trying things openly without demeaning me for something that’s clearly misunderstood, whether you or anyone says it is or not.
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