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Title: High end Home Theater Design Services
Post by: AVSMike on November 26, 2016, 09:58:13 AM
See design notes below and I have attached a sample theater.

Quest Acoustical Interior Layout notes:
We are pleased to announce a new professional home theater layout service available through Quest Acoustical Interiors that includes a comprehensive analysis and room treatment plan.  This new product is unique in the market place and is designed to give you top level professional advice and tools necessary, for both installers and enthusiasts alike, to achieve the best possible picture and sound quality for your space. 

The Quest Acoustical Interiors (QAI) Layout service is a comprehensive residential space layout that includes a strong emphasis on achieving a superior acoustical performance and overall theater experience.  The product is designed to analyze your space using proprietary modeling, and to provide professional advice as to the proper layout of speakers, subwoofers, seating, screen size and projector placement as well as acoustical treatment.  A detailed report and engineered CAD drawings will be provided to you, which details specifically how to achieve the best performance for your environment.  It scientifically answers the WHY’s and HOW’s of a well engineered acoustical space.

What makes the QAI Layout unique in the industry?  This is a very good question.  First, the plan was developed by Gerry Lemay and Shawn Byrne; two very knowledgeable individuals in the custom design and acoustical industry.  The QAI Layout is the merger between the design talents of Shawn Byrne and industry icon Gerry Lemay.  Gerry’s over 30 years of acoustical design and knowledge in the field of home acoustics is unprecedented, and he is a leading CEDIA consultant for the residential industry.  Gerry recently retired from the United States Navy as a reservist, where he was the primary fleet expert for underwater acoustics as it relates to national defense interests.  Gerry is also the CEO of Quest Acoustical Interiors (http://questai.com), a leading acoustical engineering and design firm.  Combined with his experience, education in physics, and over 30 years in the audio industry, has lead Gerry to develop several unique acoustical products and modeling techniques which he uses to transform ordinary rooms into breathtaking sound environments.  Gerry is also the head of the Home Acoustics Alliance.  A recognized certification in the industry designed to educate dealers and enthusiasts on understanding acoustics in the home environment. 

Shawn brings to the QAI Layout over 10 years of experience engineering and designing unique acoustical spaces for a wide range of environments and budgets.  Shawn has designed and project managed over two hundred spaces across the world ranging from Houses of Worship and gymnasiums to home environments.  Shawn received his formal training studying architecture and design for three years in addition to his education in atmospheric science receiving a BS from the University of Kansas.  He also studied for 6 years under the personal tutelage of Dennis Erskine.  Shawn has received recognition for his designs with articles written in Electronic House magazine and on AV Science.  He holds certifications from the Home Acoustics Alliance, THX and CEDIA. 
With the unique modeling tools, understanding of the construction of and design of acoustical spaces, and the combined experience of Gerry and Shawn, the QAI Layout service is sure to be a product which satisfies the most discerning of clientele.

     The Quest Acoustical Layout will include the following:

       -CAD Detailed acoustically modeled room analysis
       o   Numerical modal analysis to include axial, tangential and oblique room modes
       o   Low frequency response plots for each seat in the space
       o   Modal support chart per octave
       o   Select modal SPL plan view pressure plots
       o   Ray tracing for floor plan and elevations

       -CAD precision designed:
       o   Front speaker layout
       o   Surround speaker Layout
       o   Atmos speaker Layout
       o   Subwoofer placement
       o   Seating layout
       o   Screen size and positioning
       o   Recommended projector placement
       o   Recommended Quest acoustical treatment layout (Alternative DIY acoustical layout available for an additional fee).
For more information or to place an order for this unique and extremely informative product, please contact AV Science.

 “If on a quiet evening in your home, a recording has never astonished you with its realism and moved you emotionally, which among the subtle acoustical flaws has robbed you of the experience?”-Gerry Lemay

*Will have to add the sample theater design later, due to size restriction.
Title: Re: High end Home Theater Design Services
Post by: Shawn Byrne on November 26, 2016, 08:06:33 PM
We will be participating in select GTG as well by invitation.  Our plan is to treat a room, and do a quick calibration for a select room for all to hear and listen to.  If you are interested, please reach out to me via email at skbyrne@sbcglobal.net or contact Mike Garrett. 
Title: Re: High end Home Theater Design Services
Post by: AVSMike on November 28, 2016, 09:09:09 AM
Sample theater design has been added to the first post.